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AJIMINO is a uniquely scented organic fertilizer. It releases coffee-like aroma, which is pleasant and soothing to smell. With AJIMINO, commercial and home planters will not need to worry about foul smell anymore.

Enriched with Amino Acid, Humic Acid and Fulvic Acid, the optimum AJIMINO formulation is designed to help increase crops yield by 20-30% with regular use. On top of vitamins and minerals, AJIMINO contains more than 20% of N.P.K and trace elements, which is the highest among its category.

Because of its organic nature, using AJIMINO will protect soils from being acidic. Besides, it helps to improve soil quality and soil structure.


Trusted by many commercial plantations, AJIMINO is made from starch and molasses through a modern microbiological fermentation technology.


• Increase crops yield by 20-30%
• Its coffee-like fragrant is pleasant and soothing to smell
• Helps pollen tube to grow longer, increasing fruiting
• Regulate pH value of soils and improve soil quality
• Increase nutrients uptake
• Improve crops resistance towards diseases and harsh environment

Unique Advantages – Enriched with Amino Acid, Humic Acid & Fulvic Acid

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AJIMINO is enriched with Amino Acid, which is absent in chemical fertilizers.
Amino acid is an essential molecule to form proteins, which is required for all
stages of growth.

The functions of Amino Acid includes:

• Improve opening of stoma and photosynthesis, supporting crops to grow
larger and greener
• Help pollen tube to grow longer, increasing fruiting
• Chelating effect helps to carry minerals and trace elements efficiently,
improving nutrients uptakes
• Improve soil structure and fertility

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Another valuable ingredient of AJIMINO is Humic Acid. It physically improves aeration of soil and water retention. It chemically regulates pH value of soils, increases uptake of minerals and trace elements through chelating effect.
Biologically, it stimulates plant enzymes and increase production.

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Fulvic acid and humic acid are natural and organic molecules, which are the final breakdown from the natural decay of plants and animals.



1. Increase availability of soil nutrients
2. Enhance uptake of nutrients
3. Improve the development of roots and shoots
4. Chelating effect
5. Increase crops yield

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