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About Us

Cahaya Lagenda

Message From Managing Director

We realize that CAHAYA LAGENDA is not the pioneers in the organic fertilizer industry. That’s what drives us to continuously strive harder to achieve customer satisfactions and play a significant role in the regional growth and development. In fact, we are committed to improve the farmers’ income and their living standards by providing technical know-how and agronomic practices to achieve higher yield in crop production.

Our Government is promoting the use of organic fertilizers in Malaysia for two major reasons. First, organic agriculture is seen as essential for the sustainable use and management of natural resources. Second, the impact of chemical fertilizers into soil for intensive cultivation over the years has brought about soil infertility. Our solution is working towards re-improving the soil fertility and incorporating organic fertilizer into the soil to increase availability or soil nutrients.

Working towards our Vision to become the “One-Stop Organic Fertilizers Center” is high on our agenda. No doubt, we have the credibility and capability to further expand our market share and global working networks. Hence, our customers can rest assure that CAHAYA LAGENDA is able to cater your needs and wants.

Last but not least, I personally guarantee that AJIMINO beats any of our competitors offering the same range of fertilizers.

Happy planting!

Company Background

About Us

CAHAYA LAGENDA, headquartered in Ampany of Selangor, is a Malaysian-based international supplier and marketer of organic based fertilizers. The company aims in providing high quality organic-based fertilizers which are highly effective in plantation. Since the establishment in August 2007, with a humble beginning, CAHAYA LAGENDA is proud to have its extensive global network with reputable associates and enhanced storage and distribution facilities throughout Malaysia has further strengthened the credibility and capability of CAHAYA LAGENDA in supplying more than 50,000 metric ton annually to reputable corporations, Government agencies and institutions in Malaysia such as FELDA, FELCRA, PPK, Seri Balakong, Tropical Precious, Kam Cheong and more.

With the support of various strategic associates and partners, CAHAYA LAGENDA is confident in ensuring high quality of products supplied, and efficiency of customer support and service to meet its customers’ ever-changing needs both locally and internationally.


CAHAYA LAGENDA, a locally established international organic-based fertilizers supplier and marketer, aims in providing high quality organic fertilizer products and excellent customer satisfactions.


• To help achieving better yield and fruit quality.

• To continuously add value to quality products and services towards customer satisfaction.

• To help providing farmers’ with continuous improved technical know-how & agronomic practices.

• To ensure good working environment to foster employee satisfaction.


• To promote sustainable farming system which is economically viable and environment sustainable.

• To be the leading high quality organic fertilizer Supplier and Manufacturer in Malaysia.